Blue Lacy Dogs

The official registry of Blue Lacy Dog owners who want to do more with their dogs. 

We are owners, breeders and enthusiasts that are passionate about Blue Lacy dogs. The ultimate goal of the ABLA is to see that the integrity, honor, and standard of the Blue Lacy remains beyond reproach and is accepted into the registry of the American Kennel Club. Our goal is to bring this incredible breed to the attention of the public and have it established as a true All American breed.

We are working our hardest to keep and set to rights the Blue Lacy dog, and it is very much an uphill battle. Fairly unknown, the Blue Lacy is the State dog of Texas. The fact that it isn't recognized by the American Kennel Club hinders the breed extensively since professional-minded breeders can't compete with them. You can't show or compete in any purebred venues where they would obviously excel: Herding, Lure Course, Agility, Obedience, Rally-O, Tracking, etc. Until this breed is recognized, the world will never truly know what it is fully capable of.

Once the AKC recognizes a dog breed, the standard will be set in stone and people will no longer be able to fluctuate the breed standard to their own kennel-breeding results. There are but a handful of dedicated Blue Lacy breeders, and they are working their hardest to set and keep to the original standard of this breed and have it recognized as a true All American breed. There is a huge battle ahead to set to rights this incredible breed, keeping the bloodlines pure, and finally having it recognized by the AKC. This will forever take it out of the grip of individuals with their own goals and agendas.

Please join us in our mission to preserve and protect this incredible working dog breed and finally have it recognized by the AKC. Until we can compete in the same venues as all the other working breeds, the world will never truly know what incredible dogs Blue Lacys are.

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